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One of a kind. Harvia's new Rondium sauna is the perfect choice for bathers who want to pamper themselves. A rounded glass corner with double door and decorative external stainless steel soffit with LED lights completes this stylish sauna model. Decorative stainless steel elements in the outside walls create a modern look. Even the base frame is steel-covered. This gives a stylish, modern appearance and provides protection from moisture close to the floor. Heat-treated wood, aspen or alder is used for the exterior panelling. The tasteful Exclusive sauna interior, with detachable benches, is made of abachi and heat-treated aspen. The decorative stone wall gives this sauna a stylish contrast. The Topclass Combi is a versatile heater especially for those who enjoy a soft, humid sauna bath with an aromatic atmosphere. Harvia Colour Light brings the magnificence of colours into your sauna. The sauna is equipped with Harvia's sensational wireless remote control for saunas, the Harvia Fenix. With Fenix you can control the sauna's temperature, humidity, operating time, presetting time and colour lights.


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