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The automatic sauna infusion system. Functions Automatic infuser for commercial/domestic dry and Finnish saunas with automatic infusion repetition and water flow monitoring. The water flow monitoring (Safetec) checks whether water is present during the infusion. And reduces the fire risk in saunas. The program begins when the mains is switched ON and repeats until the mains is turned OFF. Program begins with the infusion and mixes water with the aroma. After the infusion the standby period begins. After the standby time has elapsed the programme has completed and begins again from the start. Control system Micro-controller controlled infusion system for the automatic control of infusion water and sauna infusion concentrate (e. g. eucalyptus lavender) in dry saunas, Finnish saunas etc. Dosing pump Bellows dosing system in enclosed splashproof plastic casing. Drive Via an eccentric gear motor, self-priming, low noise, nearly maintenance-free, and resistant to a large extent to aromatic solutions and essential oils, resistant to chemicals Infusion water quantity freely programmable via the opening time (1 - 99 sec) of the solenoid valve. • Quantity of infusion concentrate (1 - 99 ml) freely programmable via a multi-switch preselector. • Infusion sequence (1 - 60 min) freely programmable via a multi-switch preselector. Infusion sequence means the time after which the next infusion is to be made. • The operating state is displayed on the housing via control diodes. • Automatic infusion repetition. • Multifunction switch for change of program, program confirmation and program start. • The dosing system is mainly resistant to aromatic solutions. • The lnfutronic.Arom system pre-assembled on a mounting plate ready for operation. • The mounting plate is available for a 3 litre to 10 litre aroma reservoir.


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